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Who says Mom and Dad should have all the fun? I quickly found that having an inflatable board definitely influences the way people paddle board. All of the team at Red Paddle Co live, eat and sleep SUP, and that's why we're the only brand that can promise an authentic experience - paddleboards made by paddleboarders.

However, inflatable boards do give traditional hard boards a run for their money, especially as they can be used on flat water as well as on waves. If you don't have enough air pressure, your board will drag and sit low in the water, sinking and slowing you down.

The package comes with a fibre-glass paddle, a rucksack, a 10ft coiled leash, repair kit and removable centre fin. Although it is related to surfing it is a different sport whose basis is to stand on a board and with the help of a special oar to slide on the surface of the water.

Some SUPs measure 12 feet or more in length: these will give you a greater surface area over the water so will make you feel stable. In this guide, we'll tell you what to look for when choosing an inflatable stand up paddle board and show you our favorite models of the year.

SUP boards are traditionally heavy and can only be transported in surfboard car racks. You will be able to use this board for strolling or surfing small waves or riding calm rivers. Our PEAK 11′ Expedition Inflatable Paddle Board is built tough from the highest quality military grade PVC and drop stitch material.

Believe it or not, paddle boarding is taking off because someone decided to make the boards inflatable and thus more transportable, meaning those hard boards that people stand on to meander or race through waters can now roll up and fit inside your suitcase.

Most solid stand up paddle boards have an air vent installed on the deck. The Adventure Row 13′ 4″ features our unique specially designed 2″ deck strap rings that make mounting or removing an Oar Board® very fast and easy. A mast foot fitting is included on the deck of the board so that a windsurf sailing rig can be mounted, making these boards exceptionally versatile.

The bottom of the paddle board allows it to track easily through the water even with a heavier boarder using it. It may not be as easily transported as an iSUP but there are other benefits to a rigid board and this one has built-in carrying handles to ensure that it is as easy to carry as possible.

But the new inflatable stand up paddle boards are light, portable, durable and ready to ride, and will provide you with hours of fun. Because inflatable stand up paddle board ISLE Surf & SUP inflatables deflate to the size of a rolled-up sleeping bag within 5 minutes, stowing your paddle board is a cinch.

Shorter boards are often used in Stand Up Paddle Surf competitions (smaller boards are more manoeuvrable). The Vilano Navigator Paddle Board may be inflatable but it gives an experience much like that of a hard board, and with the ease of transport of an inflatable one.

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